14 noviembre 2008

Sabor de reggae vol.2 (CFE) 1981
Portada: CFE

Nyah luv. Sun is shining. Raindrops. I a suffer. Jah man. Put it on the line. Ther must be a place. National Front. Blood ah go run. England man. Ordinary man.

Steel Pulse. Bagga Matumbi. Dennis Bovell. Sufferer sound. Erroll Campbell. Levi. Bill Spencer. Suferer Sound. Sonny Tomm. Raw.

Sabor de reggae (CFE) 1979
Portada: ilustración y diseño gráfico de González Ortiz

Canciones: Bum dem. African queen. Choose me. Strictly dub. Jah find Babylon guilty. Sailing. Movements. Cry. Lili Twill.

Músicos: Steel Pulse. Erroll Campbell. African Stone. Blackveard. Jr. Brown. Bill Spencer/Lorna Rowe. Sonny Tomm. Angelique. Raw.

Más portadas: Reggae Refreshers (1990), First Family of reggae (1991), Classic reggae (1995), The Rough guide to reggae (1997), Pure reggae (1998), Reggae rots (2001), The reggae box: The routs of Jamaica music (2001) y Reggae love songs (2003).

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