23 julio 2009


Blues Encore/1990-1991
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House Rent Stomp
Big Bill Broonzy

  • Big Bill Blues
  • Little City Woman
  • Back Water Blues
  • Guitar Shuffle
  • Romance Without Finance
  • Jacqueline
  • Lonesome
  • House Rent Stomp
  • Willie Mae Blues
  • Saturday Evening Blues
  • Louise, Louise Blues
  • Key To The Highway
  • Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
  • Stump Blues
  • Mindin' My Getaway
  • Boogie Woogie
  • See See Rider
  • Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad
  • Plowhand Blues
  • I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town
  • How Long Blues
Big Bill Broonzy (guitarras acústica y eléctrica y voz), Blind John Davis (piano), Lee Cooper (guitarra), Ernest Big Crawford (bajo) y Washboard Sam (washboard).

Tomorrow Night (1946-1963)
Lonnie Johnson

  • You Will Need Me
  • I Don't Hurt Anymore
  • She's Drunks Again
  • Nothing But I Trouble
  • She Devil
  • Little Rocking Chair
  • Trouble Ain't Nothing But The Blues
  • Leave Me Or Love Me
  • Tomorrow Night
  • Blues' Round My Door
  • Working Man's Blues
  • Jerry Roll Baker
  • End It All
  • Blues Stay Away From Me
  • Careless Love
  • See See Rider
  • Clementine Blues
  • Backwater Blues
  • Jelly Jelly
  • Love Is The Answer
  • Keep What You Got
Lonnie Johnson (guitarra y voz), Blind John Davis (piano), John Hughes (piano), Roy Coulter (batería), Herman Smith (piano), Monte Morrison (batería), Simeon Hatch (piano), Franklin Skeete (bajo), Leon Abramson (batería), Paul Parks (bajo), Nelson Burton (batería), Hal Singer (saxofón), Claude Hopkins (piano), Wendell Marshall (batería), Bobby Donaldson (batería), Cliff Jackson (piano) y Otis Spann (piano).

Stormy Monday Blues
T-Bone Walker

  • Bobby Sox Blues
  • Call It Stormy Monday
  • Lonesome Women Blues
  • Too Much Trouble Blues
  • Hypin' Women Blues
  • Vacation Blues
  • So Blue Blues
  • Strollin' With Bones
  • You Don't Love Me
  • Travelin' Blues
  • Evil Hearted Woman
  • Glamour Girl
  • The Hustle
  • Alimony Blues
  • Say! Pretty Baby
  • I'm About To Lose My Mind
  • Cold Cold Feeling
  • Blues Is A Woman
  • I Got The Blues
  • Blue Mood
  • Railroard Station Blues
  • Play On Little Girl
  • T-Bone Blues Special
  • Two Bones And A Pick
  • Mean Old World
T-Bone Walker (gutarra y voz), Joe Red Kelly (trompeta), Jack McVea (saxofón), Tommy Crow Kahn (piano), Frank Clarke (bajo), Rabon Tarrant (batería), Teddy Buckner (trompeta), Lloyd Glenn (piano), Arthur Edwards (bajo), Oscar Lee Bradley (batería), George Orendorff (trompeta), Bumps Myers (saxofón), Wilaard McDaniel (piano), Billy Hadnott (batería), John W. Davis (bajo), Jack Trainor (trompeta), Eddie Hutcherson (trompetaI, Eddie Davis (saxofón), Buddy Woodson (bajo), Jim Wynn (saxos tenor y barítono), Zeb Kindred (piano), Robert Snake Simms (batería), Maxwell Davis (saxofón), Junior Wells (armónica), Jimmy Rodgers (guitarra), Ramson Knowling (bajo), Leroy Jackson (batería), Rs Rankin (guitarra), Barney Kessel (guitarra), Plas Johnson (saxofón), Ray Johnson (piano) y Earl Palmer (batería).

Blues With A Feeling
Little Walter

  • Juke
  • Can't Hold Out Much Longer
  • Blue Midnight
  • Mean Old World
  • Sad Hours
  • Quarter To Twelve
  • Blues With A Feeling
  • Last Night
  • Mellow Down Easy
  • My Babe
  • Hate To See You
  • Going Down Slow
  • It's Too Late, Brother
  • Everybody Needs Somebody
  • Confessin' The Blues
  • Key To The Highway
  • Walkin' On
  • Everything's Going To Be Alright
  • Blue And Lonesome
  • I Don't Play
  • Peppers Thing
  • Off The Wall
  • You're So Fine
  • Rocker
Little Walter (armónica y voz), Muddy Wattrers (guitarra), Jimmy Rodgers (guitarra), Elgin Edmonds (batería), Louis Meyers (guitarra), Dave Myers (guitarra), Fred Below (batería), Robert Junior Lockwood (guitarra), Willie Dixon (bajo), Leonard Caston (guitarra), Luther Tucker (guitarra), Freddy Robinson (guitarra), George Hunter (batería), Otis Spann (piano), Bill Stepney (batería) y J.T. Brow (saxofón).

First Time I Met The Blues
Buddy Guy

  • First Time I Met The Blues (en directo)
  • Slop Around
  • Let Me Love You Baby
  • Got To Use Your Head
  • I Dig Your Wig
  • My Time After Awhile
  • Stick Around
  • No Lie
  • Night Flight
  • My Mother
  • Ten Years AgostoDon't Know Which Way To Go
  • Gully Hully
  • First Time Met The Blues (estudio)
  • I Got A Strange Feeling
  • This Is The End
  • Broken Hearted Blues
  • You Sure Can't Do
  • Try To Quit You Baby
  • I Got My Eyes On You
  • Sit And Cry (The Blues)
  • Untitled Instrumental
  • Drinking Muddy Water
Buddy Guy (guitarra y voz), Bob Neely (saxo tenor), McKinley Easton (saxo barítono), Paul Hankins (piano), Otis Rush (guitarra), Willie Dixon (bajo), Odie Payne (batería), Carlson Oliver (saxo tenor), Eddie Jones (saxo tenor), Jackie Brenston (saxo barítono), Harold Burrage (piano), Ike Turner (guitarra), Jarret Gibson (saxo tenor), Bob Neely (saxo tenor), Donald Hankins (saxo barítono), Little Brother Montgomery (piano), Jack Myers (bajo), Fred Below (batería), Otis Spann (piano), Junior Wells (armónica), Lafayette Lake (piano), Al Duncan (batería), Sonny Boy Williamson (armónica),Leonard Caston (piano), Matt Murphy (guitarra), Leroy Stewart (batería), Gene Berge (saxo tenor), Phil Upchurch (bajo), Chalres Stepheny (batería), Jack Lesberg (batería) y Don Lamond (batería).

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