03 diciembre 2009

For The Roses (Asylum Records) 1972
Joni Mitchell

Banquet. Cold Blue Steel And Sweet Fire. Barangrill. Lesson In Survival. Let The Wind Carry Me. For The Roses. See You Sometime. Electricity. You Turn Me On I'm A Radio. Blonde In The Bleachers. Woman Of Heart And Mind. Judgement Of The Moon And Stars (Ludwin's Tune).

The Magazine (Warner Bros) 1984
Ricky Lee Jones

Prelude To Gravity. Gravity. Juke Box Fury. It Must Be Love. Magazine. The Real End. Deep Space. Runaround. Rosrchanges: Theme For The Pope. A) The Unsingned Painting. B) The Weird Beast.

Set Me Free (London Records) 1989

Napoli. You Can Have Him. I Have Fallen In Love (Je susis tombée amoureuse). I'm Over You. God Put Your Hand On Me. Take It For Granted. Circels. If Birds Can Fly. One Fine Day.

Imán (GASA) 1991
Mercedes Ferrer

El árbol de la magia. Eres un imán. Esto no es amor. +Color. La señal del vampiro. Abuse. Que fácil es. Cárcel de amor. Ir descubriendo sistemas. A Boy From Tennessee.

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