08 febrero 2012

Dilettantes (Bitter Sweet) 2008
You Am I
Portada: arte Ken Taylor

Canciones: Dilettantes. Disappearing.  Beau Geste. Frightfully Moderne . Wankers.The Big Wheel. Boy's Angry At The Water. Givin' Up And Gettin Fat. Erasmus. Davey's Gone Green Again. Jolly's First Time Around The Sun.The Piano Up The Tree.
Músicos: Tim Rogers ( guitarras y voz), Davey Lane (guitarras, teclados y voz), Andy Kent (bajo y voz), Rusty Hopkinson – (batería y voz). Mel Robinson (arreglos de cuerda), Zoe Black, Rebecca Chan, James Munro (cuerdas) y James Dixon (Korg MS20).

Más portadas: Sound As Ever (1993), Hi Fi Way (1995), Hourly, Daily (1996), #4 Record (1998), ...Saturday Night, 'Round Ten (1999), Dress Me Slowly (2001), Deliverance (2002), No After You Sir...: An Introduction to You Am I (2003),The Cream & the Crock – The Best of You Am I (2003), Convicts (2006) y You Am I (2010).

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