02 diciembre 2015

Novedades discográficas

Gode (SmalltownSupersound) 2015
André Bratten

MTV Unplugged. El libro de las mutaciones (Sony) 2015

As If (Warp Records) 2015
Dance Punk Vets

Rüttel Mal Am Käfic, Die Affen Sollen Was Machen! (Tapete) 
Die Liga Der Gewöhnlichen Gentleman

You Broght The Knife (Front & Follow) 2015
The Dommed Bird Of Providence

Tape Hiss (Fire Records) 2015
Rats Of Rafts

III (Glitterbeat) 2015
Bixiga 1970

The Night Creeper (Rise Above) 2015
Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats

Eska (Naim Label) 2015

Stuck In The Never Ending (Matinée Recordings) 2015
Strawberry Whiplash

Décimo aniversario de Cara Tula