19 agosto 2016

Man Who Fell To Earth 
 2LP + 2CD deluxe box set

  1. Stomu Yamashta                              Poker Dice 
  2. Louis Armstrong                              Blueberry Hill
  3. John Phillips                                     Jazz II 
  4. Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra        Venus: The Bringer Of Peace
  5. John Phillips                                     Boys From The South
  6. Stomu Yamashta                              33 1/3
  7. John Phillips                                     Rhumba Boogie
  8. The Kingston Trio                              Try To Remember
  9. Stomu Yamashta                              Mandala
  10. John Phillips                                     America
  11. Stomu Yamashta                              Wind Words
  12. John Phillips                                     Jazz
  1. Stomu Yamashta                              One Way
  2. John Phillips                                     Space Capsule
  3. John Phillips                                    Bluegrass Breakdown
  4. John Phillips                                     Desert Shack
  5. Stomu Yamashta                             Memory Of Hiroshima
  6. John Phillips                                     Window
  7. John Phillips                                     Alberto
  8. Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra        Mars: The Bringer Of War
  9. John Phillips                                     Liar, Liar
  10. John Phillips                                     Hello Mary Lou
  11. Robert Farnon                              Silent Night
  12. Genevieve Waite                              Love Is Coming Back
  13. John Phillips                                     The Man Who Fell To Earth

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